About the Author

Bruce Gervais is a professor of geography at California State University, Sacramento. He holds a B.A. in geography from San Francisco State University, a master’s in geography from the University of California at Davis, and a doctorate in geography from the University of California at Los Angeles. Bruce’s research focus is in paleoclimatology. For his doctoral research at UCLA, he studied ancient climates by using tree rings and fossil pollen preserved in lake sediments on the Kola Peninsula in northwestern Russia. He has published 12 peer-reviewed research papers detailing his work in Russia and California. Bruce enjoys spending his free time mountaineering, backpacking, and with his family. He welcomes your comments and can be reached at gervais@csus.edu.

The author and his wife, Nancy, and their two daughters, Katherine and Natalie, at Mono Lake in eastern California. Katherine holds an air-filled volcanic rock called pumice that is light enough to float on water. Turn to Section 14.1 to find out more about pumice and other volcanic features.
(Bruce Gervais)