Chapter 1. Launch Pad Portal

Because technology should never get in the way

Launch Pad Portal takes spectacular content from Macmillan Higher Education’s Worth and Freeman imprints and marries it to the simplicity of a reimagined interface.

Play the video at left for a brief tour.


Don't take our word for it. Play the video at left to see students talking about how much they love using Launch Pad Portal.

Try it out yourself!

Click one of the screenshots at left to open the Myers 10e PsychPortal or Morris 1e BioPortal Launch Pad Portal login page. Then click "Request Instructor Access" to get access to a portal. [Note: currently this just opens myers10e, and the Request Instructor Access button isn't yet active.]

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We are currently recruiting instructors to class test select titles in Spring 2013. You can class test for any two week period during the semester, with up to 50 students.

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