Chapter 1. LearningCurve

What is LearningCurve?


[*0] Based on research on how students learn, LearningCurve really works.

[5] Game-like quizzing motivates students to engage with their course,

[9] and reporting tools help teachers get a handle on what their class needs to focus on.


[*14] Assign LearningCurve activities and watch your students and class use our adaptive quizzing to master course content and really learn what's in their book.


[*24] Let’s preview an activity.


[*27] In LearningCurve, students answer multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank questions that are written to specifically match their text.

[36] Students receive immediate feedback as they answer questions.

How does LearningCurve adapt to students?


[*0] LearningCurve automatically adapts to give each student the amount of practice he or she needs.

[*6] Note the "Score Bar" at the bottom of the window. Students get points for answering questions, and the fewer hints and incorrect guesses they take, the faster they earn points.

[*18] To complete a LearningCurve activity, students must reach the designated Target Score, at which point they earn a grade of 100%.

[*26]Students who have a firm grasp on the material before they start will reach the Target Score quickly, but students who are less prepared will have to answer more questions, giving them exactly the help they need.

[*39] Another way that LearningCurve adapts to student performance is by adjusting the difficulty level of questions.

[*46] If a question is answered correctly without any help the next question will be at a higher level of difficulty. If a question is not answered correctly the next question will be at the same level or a lower level.

How do students get help when they need it?


[*0] Students can receive help in answering questions by getting a hint at any time. They will earn fewer points for the question, but still get credit for arriving at the correct answer.

[*10] If they're really stumped, students can simply click Show Me (or they can keep guessing until the correct answer is revealed). They won't receive any points for the question, but they never lose points they've already earned.

How does the e-Book reinforce student learning?


[*0] Students can also access the e-Book for their text at any time. There is no point penalty for this—students will earn full points for the question.

[*10] As a formative learning activity, LearningCurve is meant to encourage students to engage with the text.

How does LearningCurve provide you and your students with feedback?


[*0] Upon completion or at any point during the activity students can access a Personalized Study Plan which allows them to focus their study where it is most needed.

[*10] Students may also return to the activity after it is completed in order to study on their own for tests. In fact, our data shows many of them do!

[*20] Instructors can access a report to see the areas where students are struggling, to help prepare lectures.

Try LearningCurve yourself!

The demo is now complete. Click the image below to try a LearningCurve activity out yourself.

To request access to LearningCurve for the entire text, please contact your rep. If you have additional questions, you may also visit the LearningCurve FAQ.