Chapter ch01. Research Exercise

Popularity of Cigarette Smoking

You must read each slide, and complete any questions on the slide, in sequence.
Research Exercise
Popularity of Cigarette Smoking

Cigarette smoking has existed in the popular mainstream culture for decades. Fifty years ago most people were not aware of the deleterious effects of smoking because the media popularized portrayals of male smokers as “the Marlboro man,” or marketed thinner cigarettes with more feminine names to female smokers. Over the past several decades, however, warning labels on all cigarette packages and more consumer information has increased the public’s awareness of smoking’s negative effects. Despite all the warnings and research findings, however, many people still purchase and smoke cigarettes.

After reading the American Psychological Association Monitor article, “New Labels, New Attitudes?,” consider the questions below. Then submit your responses.

Question 1


Question 2


Question 3


Question 4

One possible answer might be what happened when the researcher showed both scary and nonscary smoking-related images to smokers and nonsmokers. Researchers found that smokers had less activity in attention-related brain areas when they were switched from looking at identified scary images to target images, suggesting that smokers may ignore the scary warning labels on cigarette packages. The result is that the warnings become less effective for smokers because they may react defensively and discount the warning.

Question 5

One possible answer might be what happened when Thailand moved from text-only warnings to large graphic warnings in 2006. Individuals reported thinking more about the health risks of smoking and quitting smoking in general following the changes.

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