Chapter 1. Information Literacy: Evaluating Documentary Objectivity


Video Case Study

In this activity you will be watching a 3:30 video produced by Yale Environment 360 in collaboration with MediaStorm.

In each section of the activity you’ll be asked to think about elements of the video’s content and presentation as it relates to information literacy as you learned about in Chapter 3.

This activity should take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Leveling Appalachia: The Legacy of Mountaintop Removal Mining (Part 1)


1.Click on the box in the center of the video and enter password "algore"

2. Click the button to begin playing the video

3. Watch the video with this question in mind: What is the overall message of this video clip?

Important! The password for the video is "algore".

Question 1.1


Question 1.2


Leveling Appalachia: The Legacy of Mountaintop Removal Mining (Part 2)


1. Rewatch the video.

2. As you watch the video for a second time, jot down brief notes:

  • What type of images are you shown?
  • How would you describe the tone of the video to a classmate?

What kinds of images are you shown most frequently in this video? Mark an X in the boxes below.

Question 1.3

Images Yes No
healthy mountain tops oFPjt79bRm/mZuXDUVo6DUqETWXkSwYtThrYbxSlz4g= pdlFLKGakEU=
pollution pdlFLKGakEU= pdlFLKGakEU=
forests pdlFLKGakEU= pdlFLKGakEU=
residents of Appalachia pdlFLKGakEU= pdlFLKGakEU=
uses of energy pdlFLKGakEU= pdlFLKGakEU=
strip-mined mountains pdlFLKGakEU= pdlFLKGakEU=

1.1 Leveling Appalachia: The Legacy of Mountaintop Removal Mining (Part 3)

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