Strategies for Recognizing Patterns of Organization

Pattern of Organization Common Words Example Thesis
  • Tells a story
  • Recounts an event or series of events
  • Follows time order
  • before
  • after
  • when
  • then
  • My first day on the job left me tired, hungry, and frustrated.
  • Provides examples
  • Examples explain or
  • support the main point
  • for example
  • for instance
  • such as
  • Playing team sports has helped many women succeed in the workplace.
  • Provides details
  • Paints a picture with words
  • Uses senses
  • adjectives
  • sensory verbs: see, hear, smell, feel, taste
  • The abandoned church still had the look and smell of a spiritual sanctuary.
  • collection of related ideas
  • step-by-step process
  • bullet points
  • headings
  • sequence words: first, next, last
  • There are several smart phone apps that no college student should be without.
  • Anyone interested in getting SCUBA certified needs to follow several important steps.
Classification and Division
  • Groups like items
  • Divides a topic into subtopics
  • types
  • categories
  • groups
  • There are three main types of skin cancer.
  • Supplies meaning
  • More detailed than a dictionary definition
  • May appear in boldface in textbooks
  • means
  • is defined as
  • refers to
  • Many people are unclear about the term libertarian.
  • shows similarities
  • Analogy = extended comparison
  • shows differences
  • similarly
  • likewise
  • in comparison
  • however
  • on the other hand
  • in contrast
  • There are many similarities between the ancient Mayans and Aztecs.
  • Although they are geographically near each other, China and Japan have very different histories.
  • why something happened
  • what happened as a result of something else
Common Cause Words
  • because
  • for this reason
  • due to
Common Effect Words
  • as a result
  • therefore
  • consequently
  • Several key factors led to the Great Depression.
  • Roosevelt’s New Deal resulted in improved economic conditions.
  • States a claim
  • Provides evidence
  • Uses appeals
Types of Evidence
  • facts
  • statistics
  • expert opinion
  • examples
Types of Appeals
  • logical
  • emotional
  • ethical
  • Climate change is a serious matter that must be addressed both politically and economically.