Creating and Using Other LaunchPad Assignment Types

LaunchPad for Successful College Writing, 7th Edition allows instructors to add any number of assignment types to their courses, making it easier for you to integrate LaunchPad with your own course materials. Here’s an overview of some of the assignment types available.

Discussion board

Instructors can add discussion boards to any unit or outside a unit. Discussion boards are useful in any case where you want to promote student discussion within LaunchPad. Try adding a discussion board to an assigned unit of readings and ask students to contribute their reactions to the reading material as a way to prepare for class discussion.

You can assign points to a discussion board as a way of giving credit for participation in discussions in LaunchPad.

To learn more about adding discussion boards to your course, see Adding a Discussion Board to a LaunchPad Unit.

Document Collection

Adding a document collection allows you to post course and assignment information directly to LaunchPad, including syllabi, rubrics, assignment sheets, and support documents.


Use the simple text editor to add a page to LaunchPad, allowing you to more easily mix your own material (including images and embeddable video) with the material in LaunchPad, ensuring that students can find all their course materials in one place.


Adding a Dropbox to your course allows students to submit a file (such as an essay) of up to 25MB in size for grading. Accepting assignments via Dropbox adds a column for the assignment to your gradebook. Try adding a Dropbox to incorporate low stakes writing assignments, such as reflections, into your LaunchPad course.

To learn more about adding a Dropbox to your course, see Adding a Dropbox to a LaunchPad Unit.