Help your students get the most out of their textbook with LaunchPad Solo for the Alred Handbooks, 11e

LaunchPad Solo for the Alred Handbooks, 11e is packed with digital content designed to work in tandem with your textbook to help students sharpen their critical thinking, reading, and writing skills and promote the development of digital literacy. The following tips will help you and your students get the most out of the great resources LaunchPad Solo for the Alred Handbooks, 11e has to offer.

Walk students through the contents of LaunchPad Solo.

Visit the student welcome page, which offers brief descriptions of all the great content available in LaunchPad Solo, and discuss with students how the rhetorical skills covered in LaunchPad Solo will help them succeed in your course. You can access the welcome page via the table of contents.

Enhance your instruction with tutorials.

Assign critical reading and working with sources tutorials to help students develop the habits and skills you cover in class. Teaching critical reading? The Critical Reading Skills tutorial highlights common critical reading strategies and asks students to answer reflection prompts with an eye toward putting strategies into practice.

Assign LearningCurve adaptive quizzing for skills practice and grammar help.

Recommend LearningCurve as part of your feedback to students in order to help them focus on the writing and grammar skills they need the most help with. When they get a question wrong, feedback tells them why and links them to additional instruction. For more information on the research behind LearningCurve and to find out what students and instructors are saying, click here.

Use e-readings to promote digital literacy.

The e-readings in your LaunchPad Solo include video, audio, and other digital texts that expand on the themes and concepts explored in your textbook. Assign them along with print reading selections to encourage students to make rhetorical connections between print, multimodal, and digital genres.

Help students access their digital resources.

Students can access LaunchPad Solo while they wait for their financial aid disbursement by clicking the “Temporary Access” link on the login page. Students who need technical support can click the “Help” link in the upper right corner to get help right away.