Chapter . 143 Day, Night and Time

Map Learning Exercises

Day, Night and Time

Question Where is the Earth experiencing "noon"?

{"title":"noon","description":"If you were at this location, you would be seeing the Sun at its highest point in the sky for the day. This is normally noon, but given daylight savings time, that can vary. The point is that you understand that \"noon\" is happening when your part of the Earth is turned as completely toward the Sun as possible. Awesome.","type":"correct","color":"#99cc00","code":"[{\"shape\":\"poly\",\"coords\":\"298,105,227,120,176,171,152,258,155,292,182,339,242,396,302,401,303,379,247,381,190,330,171,290,168,250,184,180,238,129,299,118\"}]"} {"title":"Earth","description":"You have chosen incorrectly. Consider that \"noon\" occurs for you when your part of the Earth is turned directly toward the Sun, and therefore the Sun appears to be at its highest point for the day, where you are. Where would you have to be for the Sun to be as high in the sky as possible, or, what part of the Earth is MOST turned toward the Sun?","type":"incorrect","color":"#800000","code":"[{\"shape\":\"poly\",\"coords\":\"302,126,310,375,240,380,191,329,165,276,165,233,192,179,230,139,267,124,287,122\"}]"}
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Question Where is sunset?

{"title":"Sunset","description":"The part of the Earth, where you clicked, was in the light, and is turning into the darkness--- that's \"sunset.\"","type":"correct","color":"#339966","code":"[{\"shape\":\"rect\",\"coords\":\"289,110,308,394\"}]"} {"title":"noon","description":"The part of the Earth that you clicked on is facing directly toward the Sun. That part of the world is experiencing noon, and the Sun is as high in the sky as it is going to be for this day. Try again.","type":"incorrect","color":"#800000","code":"[{\"shape\":\"poly\",\"coords\":\"283,108,215,129,169,188,153,263,184,342,239,386,287,397,288,383,241,373,192,333,163,263,177,193,218,140,283,120\"}]"}
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