Chapter ch01. Research Exercise

Size Diversity and Health at Every Size

You must read each slide, and complete any questions on the slide, in sequence.
Research Exercise
Size Diversity and Health at Every Size

Size Diversity and Health at Every Size is a philosophy that encourages and promotes a healthy body image in both men and women by providing information regarding overall health and fitness. The aim of Health at Every Size is to improve self-esteem and reduce obsession with weight loss techniques. According to the article, Size Diversity and Health at Every Size does not promote either uncontrollable eating or a disregard of healthy weight. It does focus on overall well-being and healthy habits and on reducing people’s obsession with the weight on the scale.

After the information provided on the Size Diversity and Health at Every Size Web site, consider the questions below. Then submit your responses.

Question 1


Question 2


Question 4

One possible answer is that Health at Every Size focuses on healthy living rather than on fixing a problem area or focusing on a flaw. Also, it does not encourage dieting or weight loss techniques.

Question 5

One possible answer is to look closely at excessive exercise management and weight-lifting as potential signs of unhealthy habits. Male support groups may also be helpful in enabling males to feel more comfortable discussing feelings and body acceptance.

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