We all want to be healthy and look fit, but we live in a world that makes us inactive and presents us with convenient but unhealthy food options. Many of us spend lots of time in front of television and computer screens. Even when we aren’t watching a particular show or presentation, we view videos on our phones. When we are bored, we have games on our phones that often keep us sitting right where we are. It seems like we are in front of digital screens almost 24 hours a day. So instead of letting technology make you a couch potato, how can you use it to help you become fit and stay fit?


You want to stay healthy, but hours sitting in front of a computer or eating too much fast food are getting in your way.


Enlist technology to get you moving and making healthier choices.


Fitness Websites
Site Name Web Address
Fitness Partner
Men’s Fitness
Nutrition Data

Learn how to filter out the fiction. When it comes to fitness and nutrition, there’s a lot of conflicting advice and bad information out there, and more than a few scams. Zero in on a few reputable, well-vetted sources of information. You can find everything from healthy menu plans to yoga training to bracelets and apps that can help you keep track of what you are eating and how much exercise and sleep you are getting a day.

Use technology to stay fit. Download fitness apps or wear fitness bracelets to keep track of your daily steps and other physical activities, your calorie intake, and your sleep patterns.

Health-Related Phone Apps
App Name Function
FitStar Makes workout dynamic
Argus Tracks physical activity
Human Tracks Tracks casual activity
Fooducate Features shopping guide to help you buy good food
Diet Point Weight Loss Helps track food/calorie intake
Spark People Connects you to a range of health sites

Clear some floor space. Make some of the time you spend in front of a screen active time. The Internet can be a valuable ally if you’re struggling to find time to work out. Free websites like YouTube and online services like Netflix, which charges a low monthly fee, let you stream a huge variety of workout videos with no need to hit the gym.

Exergame. Video gaming systems like Xbox let you enjoy real-life workouts in the virtual world. Try Dance Dance Revolution or virtual baseball, bowling, boxing, golf, or tennis. While you’re at it, get your friends or family members to join in.


Use your electronic calendar to send periodic alerts to your mobile device throughout your school day and workday to take breaks or work out. When you are studying, working, or attending classes, it is very easy to forget to give your body time to be active. You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym. Sometimes a brisk walk or 15 minutes of stretching and relaxed breathing can reset your body and your mind.