Use Your Resources


Below are suggestions for resources that are available at many colleges and the online resources that are available to everyone.


Counseling Center understanding learning styles.
Career Center learning how the Myers−Briggs Type Indicator can be used in career planning or how to align your Myers−Briggs type with your interests and career development options on campus.
Disabled Student Services/Counselor getting advice on learning disability testing and diagnosis and on receiving accommodations if you have a learning disability.


GO TO . . . IF YOU NEED HELP . . .
Myers & Briggs Foundation: learning more about these personality types and accessing a questionnaire to find out more about your type.
LD Pride: obtaining general information about learning styles and learning disabilities and using an interactive diagnostic tool to determine your learning style.
National Center for Learning Disabilities: locating resources to diagnose and understand learning disabilities.
Assistive Technology Solutions: learning about assistive technology programs for students with disabilities.
Facebook: finding groups on Facebook created by students who have learning disabilities or ADHD. These groups are a great way to connect with other students with learning disabilities at your college or other colleges. If you have been diagnosed with a disability, the members of these groups can offer support and help you seek out appropriate resources in order to be successful in college.
National Institute of Mental Health: getting information about how adults who have ADD or ADHD can get diagnosed and treated.


What are some of your college's specific resources? Make a list of the unique resources available at your school. Have you taken advantage of any of them?