Use Your Resources


Below are suggestions for resources that are available at many colleges and the online resources that are available to everyone.


Learning Center preparing for tests. Almost every college has a learning center whose specialty is to help you study for tests. The best students, good students who want to be even better, and students with academic difficulties use learning centers and tutoring services. These services are offered by both full-time professionals and highly skilled peer tutors and are usually free. Ask about online resources available through the center or college library.
Counseling Center finding workshops and individual or group counseling for test anxiety. Sometimes these services are also offered by the campus health center. Ask your instructor where you can find counseling services at your college.
Fellow students finding a tutor or joining a study group. Students who work with tutors and in study groups are much more likely to be successful. Often the best help we can get is the closest to us. Keep an eye out in your classes and extracurricular activities for the best studentsthose who appear to be the most serious, purposeful, and directed.


GO TO . . . IF YOU NEED HELP . . .
Center for Teaching and Learning at Florida Atlantic University: finding a list of tips to help you prepare for exams. This site also offers tips to study more effectively, tips for success outside the classroom, and other resources.
Study Guides and Strategies: getting tips for reducing test anxiety.


What are some of your college's specific resources? Make a list of the unique resources available at your school. Have you taken advantage of any of them?