Chapter 1. Eating and Weight Gain: A Role for Fidgeting

1.1 Eating and Weight Gain: A Role for Fidgeting

Short Description

This video examines factors that determine body weight. Jeff eats a lot of unhealthy foods and gets very little exercise.

Long Description

Still he gains no weight. Why are some people able to eat what they want and never gain a pound? To try to answer that question, researcher Jim Levine recruited Jeff and 15 others to participate in a study in which they ate huge amounts of food and got no exercise. After two months, Jeff gained little weight, in fact only two pounds, while other participants in the study gained eight pounds. Levine's data indicated no differences in food consumed, exercise, or basic metabolism. Finally, Levine examined "non-exercise" daily activity data. Non-exercise daily activity is everything one does that is not exercise. This data suggested that Jeff did not put on weight because he could not keep still. He was constantly fidgeting, tapping his feet, touching his face, rubbing his hair.