Judd Test

Chapter 1. Introduction to Digfir

1.1 Digital First's Capabilities and Purpose

Digital First, or “Digfir” is a content authoring system used to create a variety of products. This document describes the creation of eBooks. Authors and editors can create manuscripts from scratch or use existing materials by copying and pasting from existing documents. Manuscripts created in Digfir will be placed within BFW portals such as Angel and Project X.

1.2 User Roles

User accounts in the Digfir system will be assigned one of two possible privilege levels:

Administrators can create and delete user accounts and grant and remove access to specific projects.

Authors can create new projects, create copies of projects, and edit existing projects.

1.3 Definitions and Concepts

Projects are the overarching container and contain chapters and sections. Typically, one manuscript will be authored inside one project.

The Editor is a WYSIWIG environment where you can add blocks of content that comprise the manuscript.

Blocks are chunks of content such as chapter and section headings, paragraphs, figures, tables, interactive queries, and boxes. Difgir has rules that define how these blocks relate to one another.

The Raw XML tab allows direct editing of the XML (eXtensible Markup Language) code generated by the Editor. Altering the raw XML is useful in situations where the default dehavior of the Editor needs to be overridden or in order to troubleshoot problems with the project.