100.9 Acknowledgments


Our deep appreciation and heartfelt thanks go out to Ryan Herzog, Gonzaga University, for his hard work and extensive contributions during every stage of this revision. Ryan’s creativity and insights helped us make this fourth edition possible.

A special thanks to Doris Bennett, Jacksonville State University, for her contributions to the test bank and for her helpful accuracy reviews. Thank you to Kathryn Graddy, Brandeis University, for her hard work on the second and third editions of this text.

Thank you, as well, to the instructors who offered invaluable input on this fourth edition.

Gbenga Ajilore, University of Toledo

Doris Bennett, Jacksonville State University

McKinley Blackburn, University of South Carolina

Amy Boswell, Anne Arundel Community College

Elizabeth Breitbach, University of South Carolina

Satyajit Ghosh, University of Scranton

Chris Gingrich, Eastern Mennonite University

George Greenlee, St. Petersburg College, Clearwater

Ryan Herzog, Gonzaga University

Nicholas Karatjas, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Solina Lindahl, California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo

Mike Martell, Franklin and Marshall College

Iordanis Petsas, University of Scranton

Elizabeth Sawyer-Kelly, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Leonore Taga, Rider University

Thank you to all the instructors who reviewed past editions of this text.

Carlos Aguilar, El Paso Community College

Irma T. Alonso, Florida International University

Jack Amariglio, Merrimack College

Clive Belfield, Queens College, CUNY

Rob Catlett, Emporia State University

Semih Emre Cekin, Texas Tech University

Eric Chiang, Florida Atlantic University

Norman R. Cloutier, University of Wisconsin–Parkside

Michael Coon, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Tom Creahan, Morehead State University

Abel Embaye, University of Arkansas

Jose Esteban, Palomar College

Randall Filer, Hunter College, CUNY

Todd Gabe, University of Maine

Seth Gitter, Towson University

Devra Golbe, Hunter College

Patricia Graham, University of Northern Colorado

Thomas Hardin, Mater Dei Catholic High School

Terence Hunady, Bowling Green State University

Arthur Janssen, Emporia State University

Matthew Jaremski, Colgate University

Nicholas Karatjas, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Susan Kask, Warren Wilson College

Hisaya Kitaoka, Franklin College

Katie Kontak, Bowling Green State University

Andrew F. Kozak, St. Mary’s College of Maryland

Richard Langlois, University of Connecticut

Frances F. Lea, Germanna Community College

Noreen E. Lephardt, Marquette University

Stephen Lile, Western Kentucky University

Parul Mathur, Simpson College

Dennis C. McCornac, Anne Arundel Community College

Chris N. McGrew, Purdue University

Mary Helen McSweeney-Feld, Iona College

Marshall Medoff, California State University, Long Beach

Diego Mendez-Carbajo, Illinois Wesleyan University

Garrett Milam, University of Puget Sound

Ellen Mutari, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

Kevin O’Brien, Bradley University

Inge O’Connor, Syracuse University

John Perry, Centre College

H. Mikael Sandberg, University of Florida

Elizabeth Sawyer-Kelly, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Amy Scott, DeSales University

Chace Stiehl, Bellevue College

Abdulhamid Sukar, Cameron University

Patrick Taylor, Millsaps College

Robert Teitelbaum, State University of New York, Empire State College

Theo Thedford, Shorter University

Jose J. Vazquez-Cognet, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Matt Warning, University of Puget Sound

Thomas Watkins, Eastern Kentucky University

We must also thank the many people at Worth Publishers for their work on this edition: Shani Fisher, Sharon Balbos, Lukia Kliossis, and Courtney Lindwall in editorial. We thank Tom Digiano and Tom Acox for their enthusiastic and tireless advocacy of this book. Many thanks to the incredible production, design, photo, and media teams: Tracey Kuehn, Lisa Kinne, Stacey Alexander, Martha Emry, Vicki Tomaselli, Deb Heimann, Cecilia Varas, Elyse Rieder, Chris Efstratiou, Andrew Vaccaro, and Daniel Comstock.

And lastly, to all of you who have introduced our books to your students and colleagues, and who continue to shape our experience as textbook authors, we thank you and encourage your feedback.