Chapter 1. Chapter 2: Population Map Analysis Exercise


Population Map Analysis
You must read each slide, and complete any questions on the slide, in sequence.

Map Analysis Exercises


Map Analysis Exercises: Use the textbook maps (provided in the links below) to answer the following questions.

Note: Each map will open an external window. To close the window, click the close box in the upper left hand corner (Macintosh) or upper right hand corner (Windows) of the window.

  1. What role has migration played in creating a more even U.S. population distribution? What other factors have led to a more even distribution of the population?
  2. Does there appear to be any connection between race and religion?
  3. What climatic conditions have led to the relative under-population of the Western United States? What agricultural practices? What human-created changes in the landscape are alleviating this population inequality?



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