Reasons to Use Subordinating Conjunctions


See the full-size image.

• To show cause and effect:

as As many predicted, the stock market has recovered.
because Australia is an island because it is surrounded by water.
so that Fertilizer is used so that the crops will grow more quickly.

• To show time

after After the storm came through, we found a leak in the roof.
before The metal is sanded and cleaned before it is painted.
once Once the data is in, we can tabulated the results.
since The fish population is the lowest since the 1950s.
while The doctors operated while the bombs exploded nearby.

• To show condition

if If there is smoke in the room, the alarm will sound.
unless We will hike through the canyon unless it rains.
until Stir the solution until the salt dissolves.
when When sharks migrate, certain beaches can be dangerous.
whenever Whenever I go through this tunnel, I lose cell reception.
whereas Alligators have rounded snouts whereas crocodiles have pointy snouts.

• To show comparison or contrast

although Although it is rare, the Ebola virus is deadly.
as if The tiger paced as if it wanted to escape.
even if Even if the road is open, the pass may be covered in ice.
even though Even though the beach is closed, sunbathers are on the sand.