Challenge Yourself to Do Your Best

Units end with a post-test designed to show what you’ve learned. If your instructor has assigned the post-test, look back through your work in this unit in order to prepare for it.

  1. Watch the video again from the unit’s introduction.
  2. Revisit your pre-test results, if applicable. You can access your results from the Pre-Test’s submission options or from the gradebook.
    1. Look at the questions you missed. Can you now say in your own words why that answer option was incorrect?
    2. The correct answer option is shown for the questions you missed as well as the questions you got right. Can you now say in your own words why each is correct?
  3. Review your LearningCurve results, if available. You can access your results by clicking on the LearningCurve activity. In the lower right hand corner, click Show Full Personalized Study Plan.
    1. Look at your percentages per subtopic. With which topics did you struggle?
    2. Review the study pages for the sections where your percentage fell below 75%.
  4. Look over the unit’s Strategies resource.

By following these study guidelines, you will be well-prepared to succeed on the post-test.

Like in the pre-test, you’ll answer 10 multiple choice questions. Check the quiz settings, which are shown in the image below, before you begin so you’ll know how many attempts are possible as well as the number of points the quiz is worth.


See the full-size image.

If you score well on the post-test, congratulations! Your studying has helped you improve your skills.

If you score poorly on the post-test, you need additional help with the skill. Make an appointment in the Writing Center or with your instructor.