Work Smartly

LaunchPad Solo for Readers and Writers supports skill development through multiple activities. If your teacher assigns them, you might take a pre-test, work through study pages, practice with LearningCurve, look over strategies, and take a post-test. Or, you might only read study pages and practice with LearningCurve.

Whether you complete all of the available activities or just a few of them, work smartly. On the following pages, we offer you advice about how to get the most from using LaunchPad Solo for Readers and Writers.

Type Available? Description Advice
If assigned Pre-test Use your pre-test results to plan your study.
image Always Introductions with Videos Start with a video and examples.
image Always Study Pages and Strategies Get the details.
image Always LearningCurve adaptive quizzes Practice with LearningCurve.
image Always Strategies Get tips for mastering the skill.
If assigned Post-test Challenge yourself to do your best.

Each unit has a lot of content and activities, so don’t try to finish in one sitting. If you rush through, you won’t get much out of your effort.

Good luck!