Start with a Video and Overview

The introduction offers a quick overview of the topic with a short video. The videos explain the concepts simply.

Pay close attention to the video. The grammar videos should help you hear and see sentences differently.


See the full-size image.

In many videos, the example sentences are color-coded so that you notice subjects and verbs. Other terms are emphasized too, but being able to see the subject and verb in every sentence will help you as a reader and writer.

After watching the videos, try to imagine sentences you are reading with the color-coding and mark-up you’ve seen in the video. Try this approach. Read this sentence:

These units have a lot of content and activities, so you shouldn’t try to finish a unit in one sitting.

Now, visualize how that sentence would look if it were displayed like the comma + coordinating conjunction illustration above.

Did you see this sentence correctly? Check your visualization.

When you look at sentences in the study pages, LearningCurve questions, and in your own writing in this way, you’ll improve your proofreading skills.