Practice Toward a Target Score

LearningCurve gives you just the amount of practice you need. It’s an adaptive quiz. Your whole class works toward a target score, but each person will answer different questions and a different number of questions to reach that target score. Watch this introduction for more details. You can also view the LearningCurve Table of Contents for Students for more information about LearningCurve.

Review your LearningCurve results, if available. You can access your results by clicking on the LearningCurve activity and viewing the Reports page.


Your topic score is calculated as the total number of points you have earned from questions on that topic divided by the total number of points you could have earned, had you gotten every question correct without hints or incorrect guesses. For instance, let’s say:

In other words, you needed 25% of LearningCurve’s support to meet the target score.

No matter your subtopic scores, you’ll earn full credit if you’ve reached the target score.

If your topic scores fall below 75% on any topic, you are probably relying too much on the hints and extra attempts to finish it. If so, review the study pages in the unit before you move on.