Narrow the Topic

The topic is what you are writing about. Most assignments include a broad category of topics such as news events (natural disasters, crime), concepts (the water cycle, behavioral therapy), or social issues (politics, the media). Within that category, you will then identify a much more narrow topic.

Narrowing your topic is like zooming in on an online map. You might start with a view of the whole continent; in order to get started on your trip, you have go to specific place. Once there, you can pick how close you want to be. You can get a bird’s eye view of the city or even a street view.

Narrowing your topic, like zooming in an online map, is a process. Begin by answering these questions:

Once you have figured out the area you want to explore, then you’ll further narrow your topic by considering your audience and purpose. After you have a clearer sense of your topic, audience and purpose, you can explore the topic even more closely using prewriting strategies unit. Your topic will also influence your thesis.