Introduction to Revising

Revising is the stage of writing in which you refine your overall purpose, ideas, and organization.


This video explains strategies for revising your paper.

Download transcript.


Most writers use the revising stage to consider global issues such as audience and purpose, thesis, organization, and support. After revising for these larger concerns, writers turn to the editing stage, when matters of grammar, style, and punctuation can be addressed.


The study pages include more in-depth information about revising for global issues. They also include detailed advice for using a rubric, working with peer feedback, understanding instructor feedback, and making the most of your school’s writing center. The study pages also include a complete glossary of “revision lingo,” defining words you will want to know as you revise, such as evidence, perspective, transition, and unity. Read through the study pages before taking the post-test.

Don’t forget to work smartly!