Revising with Peer Feedback

In college, you are usually writing not just for yourself but for others, so it is useful to obtain feedback from at least one other person. Often, instructors will assign students to peer review—that is, read and comment on—each other’s drafts. Having another student read your paper from a fresh perspective can help you uncover any problems with organization and support.

When your draft is being peer reviewed, consider these strategies to make the most use of peer feedback.

Getting Feedback

When you find yourself in the reviewer’s position, remember that it’s often easier to see the problems in someone else’s paper than it is to see in your own. But it’s not always easy to think of good suggestions, to identify flaws that need fixing, and—hardest of all—to break the news to a classmate that his or her work is less than perfect. Below are some quick tips for providing effective peer review.

Giving Feedback