Introduction to Sentence Variety


Sentences that use punctuation and structure to add more details are varied and interesting. Making sure to use different types of sentence openers and ways of joining sentence can help you avoid choppy, dull writing.


The video illustrates both how to recognize choppy, dull writing and revise for sentence variety.

Download transcript.


Sentence variety is needed when each sentence follows the same pattern. For example, if most sentences in the paragraph open with a transition, the repeated structure can make the writing feel dull. Varying the way a sentence starts—with a subject, a clause, a transition—makes the writing lively.

Another sign that a paragraph needs variety is the overuse of the same nouns, pronouns, and verbs. Reduce the repetition of nouns and pronouns by condensing sentences into descriptive word groups or joining word groups. Replace overused verbs, especially verbs like is and have, with active verbs.


The study pages explain in more detail how to add sentence variety.

This unit does not have a LearningCurve activity. To prepare for the post-test, if assigned, review your results from the pre-test.