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Thank you for choosing LaunchPad Solo for Readers and Writers for your course. This online program is designed to be flexible and useful for a variety of courses. Based on the course in which you’re using LaunchPad Solo for Readers and Writers, we have made recommendations for other titles that may be of interest.

Integrated reading and writing courses combine reading and writing instruction in one course. For example, when reading, a student will learn how to identify a main idea and when writing, a student will learn how to write a thesis statement. Instead of addressing these skills in separate courses, they’re taught concurrently. For information on our available integrated reading and writing products, please visit our catalog.

Modularized courses are self-paced, compartmentalized courses that offer coverage of discrete skills such as fragments and inference. These courses are used to bring students up to speed on specific skills and to help them move onto a higher-level course. For the most part, online programs are used as the primary material for the course and LaunchPad Solo for Readers and Writers works well in these instances. For other options, please visit our catalog.

ALP (accelerated learning program) combines a credit-bearing course with a developmental course. In this model, developmental students are mainstreamed with students in a typical freshman composition course. The ALP students then take extra credit hours in additional sessions per week. For this kind of course, an assortment of texts may be considered. Please explore our readers, rhetorics, handbooks, writing texts, integrated reading and writing and Bedford Select, our custom database, for offerings based on your preference for teaching the course.

Boot Camps (also referred to as accelerated courses) offer intensive versions of existing courses. For example, a course that had typically been offered over a 16-week semester is now offered in 8 weeks. The goal is to enable students to complete two levels of a developmental sequence in one semester or less. Compact editions and shorter texts are ideal for this type of course. Some options for additional resources include our readers, rhetorics, handbooks, writing texts, and Bedford Select, our custom database.

Contextualized courses connect developmental instruction to a specific content area that is important to students such as having nursing students take a developmental English course where the readings and writing assignments focus on nursing. Another option with contextualized courses is to have students take a credit-bearing course, like in the ALP model, and offer supplemental reading instruction within the discipline thus providing supplemental instruction while enabling students to earn credit. We recommend Ruszkiewicz, A Reader’s Guide to College Writing.

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