Speech Choices: Rafaela Needs Improvement 2


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Possible acceptable answers might include ideas similar to the following: Rafaela could do a better job citing her research sources. For the claim that women are less likely to run for office than men, she says, “this is a fact, everyone knows it, you can look it up on NPR.” A speaker must supply a specific source to prove this point. If this information comes from NPR, then a full citation of the NPR report (author, qualifications, source, and date) must be provided. Then she must provide the actual facts or statistics that the author uses to prove the point. Rafaela does a better job citing her second evidence source, Saskia Brechenmacher. However, she is not familiar with this part of her speech and she needs a “do-over” (hurting her own credibility) before she is able to present the citation for Brechenmacher.