Speech Choices: Rafaela’s Full Speech


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Possible acceptable answers might include ideas similar to the following: Rafaela’s speech included many elements of effective organization, including a preview, transitions, signposts, and a summary. In the introduction, she clearly previewed her main points: the importance of women running for office, the reasons women are less likely to run than men, and actions the audience can take to encourage women to run. She has clear transitions leading into each of her three main points and her controlled movement during each transition reinforces the idea that she is moving to a new main point. Rafaela uses signposts to indicate the structure of her speech; for example, she uses the terms “one reason,” “provide a second reason,” and “finally” when explaining the three reasons why it is important to have women in public office. To highlight her main points again, Rafaela summarizes these points in her conclusion.


Possible acceptable answers might include ideas similar to the following: Rafaela has researched her topic well and she uses evidence effectively in her speech. She cites evidence thirteen times in her speech and this evidence comes from ten different sources. The credibility of her sources is very good--many sources have expertise in political issues or are journalists reporting news. Her evidence has good recency, as most sources are from 2017 or 2018 (her speech was prepared at the end of the fall 2018 semester). Rafaela fully cites her sources in her presentation, providing the author, their qualifications, the title, and the date. The works cited page is in APA format.


Possible acceptable answers might include ideas similar to the following: Rafaela’s vocal and nonverbal delivery is effective overall, although there are elements of delivery that could be improved with more practice. Rafaela’s speaking voice is very good. She clearly articulates her words and speaks at an appropriate rate. She has good tonal variety and uses her voice to emphasize key points; for example, when she says, “men in this class, I’m calling on you…” Rafaela shows a good command of the material, she rarely has awkward pauses or uses verbal fillers or tics while speaking With respect to nonverbal skills, Rafaela often incorporates natural gestures that reinforce her message. One example of this is when she says “a new high, but far from parity,” when discussing women’s underrepresentation in office. Occasionally she has two hands on her notes, but generally, she is gesturing with one hand. Her movement is good, too. She uses controlled movement during transitions but largely avoids nervous or unintentional movement. One area for improvement is eye contact. Although she makes an effort to look up from her notes, she could do so even more regularly. When she looks at the audience; for example, when she says “I’m talking to you,” her connection with the audience is strengthened.