Types of Diagnostic and Summative Assessment Available in LaunchPad for Successful College Writing, 7th Edition

LaunchPad for Successful College Writing, 7th Edition comes fully loaded with many types of assessment--from formative activities that support skill-building to comprehension quizzes and grammar exercises to interactive tutorials. Here’s an overview of the types of assessment available to you and your students.


Looking to get an idea of your students’ proficiency with some core reading and writing skills? LaunchPad for Successful College Writing, 7th Edition includes eight diagnostic tests, a pre- and post-test covering:

Each test includes access to class and roster reports that allow you to see student performance overall and by sub-topic.

If you have assigned both the pre- and post-test for a topic, you will have access to comparison reports. These reports are accessible through the instructor dashboard inside each post-test.

You can use the diagnostic comparison reports to:

Pre-made quizzes

Most of the assessment in your print book is assignable in LaunchPad, including end-of-chapter and end-of-reading questions. If you’d like to explore assignable assessment for any chapter, simply open a unit a click Browse Resources for this Unit.

If you see anything you’d like to assign, click to open it and review the content. If you want to assign it, click the Add to course button in the upper right corner of your screen. The item will appear at the top of the unit, and you can drag to reposition it wherever you’d like. Assign it as you would any other asset in LaunchPad.

To learn more about adding content, including quizzes, to your LaunchPad unit, see Adding Content to a LaunchPad unit.

Reading Quizzes

You can assign auto-scored reading comprehension quizzes for any reading in your text. Like other pre-made assessments, you can find these quizzes by accessing the Resources panel from within any LaunchPad unit and locating the quiz for any reading you’ve assigned.

Exercise Central

Bedford/St. Martin’s Exercise Central has been a longtime favorite of instructors and students who want an effective way to practice building skills that are critical to students’ success as college writers. A bank of Exercise Central quizzes is available in your LaunchPad, allowing you to

To learn more about adding Exercise Central quizzes to your course, see How do I add Exercise Central questions to my quiz?