What’s in LaunchPad for Successful College Writing, 7th Edition?

LaunchPad for Successful College Writing, 7th Edition is packed with digital content that works with your textbook to help you sharpen your ability to read analytically and write successfully in first-year composition and in your coursework across campus. Whether your instructor assigns the resources in LaunchPad or encourages you to work with the material at your own pace, we’re confident that LaunchPad will help you develop the skills you need to succeed in college and beyond. For help using LaunchPad, please join the College Students Support Community or contact Tech Support. You can find Tech Support contact information by clicking “Help” in the upper right corner of your screen.


In the e-book you’ll find all the great content and activities from the printed book, including:

Interactive content and tutorials

Comprehension quizzes and other activities related to every reading in the book help you to assess your reading and understanding. In addition, exercises in every chapter allow you to practice key skills. You’ll also find helpful tutorials on topics such as reading critically, working with and citing sources, and using digital writing tools.

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Developed in light of the latest advances in learning research, LearningCurve is a game-like adaptive quizzing program that covers topics from grammar and usage to reading critically and argument. The less you know about a topic, the more LearningCurve focuses on it, and the better you do, the more challenging the questions become, helping you concentrate on exactly what you need to learn.

A screenshot of a page demonstrating a slide of an interactive course with multiple choice, current progress, hint and show answer buttons.