Chapter 5 SPSS®

There are many ways to look more closely at the independent and dependent variables. You can request a variety of case summaries by selecting Analyze → Reports → Case Summaries. You can then highlight the variable of interest and click the arrow to move it under “Variables.”

If you want to break your first variable down by a second variable, highlight a nominal variable and click the bottom arrow to move it under “Grouping Variable(s).” After making your choices, click on “OK” to see the output screen.

For example, you could use the hours studied and exam grade data from the SPSS section of Chapter 3. You could select “grade” under “Variables” and “hours” under “Grouping Variable(s).” The output, part of which is shown in the screenshot here, tells you all the grades for students who studied a given number of hours. This summary, for instance, tells you that the two students who studied for 3 hours earned grades of 60 and 72 on the exam.

SPSS Statistics